What if you could make more money by adding a service that gives homeowners everything they need to know about their project on their smartphone?

Now you can.

Why do general contractors use Centriq?

Because it provides true value to homeowners.


Win more business

Add Centriq to your offerings to stand out from other contractors.

Make more money

Add a valuable new service that homeowners want and will pay for.

Avoid "help" calls later

Give homeowners everything they need to know about their remodel on their smartphone so they don’t have to ask you.

Want to do it yourself?

Get Centriq on the App Store or Google Play and begin digitizing your project today. See below for helpful videos, downloads, and marketing resources that will help with every step of the process.

Get Started

Want help?

Just click the link below and we'll help you find professionals in your area that can work with you to digitize your next project. You can work together to define what services you will offer and the pricing model.

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How it works

Set up your client’s account

Download the app (it’s free!), and set up your client's account with his/her email and the property address.

Set up your client’s account
Digitize the home

Digitize the home

Just take pictures of the labels of anything with an on switch, and Centriq provides user manuals, parts & supplies, and how-to videos for free.

Digitize the home

Add your client's info

Upload and organize documents and receipts for the remodel. You may also want to offer to add other household documents, and build a searchable household inventory. Enter the professionals that work on the remodel (don’t forget to add yourself.) Take photos and record videos to help clients remember things.

Add your client's information
Transfer it to your client

Transfer it to your client

Have your client download Centriq, sign in using their email address and the password you created, and then change the password. They can begin using Centriq right away. Everything you entered will be there for them.

Transfer it to your client

"The number of general residential remodeling firms with payrolls is increasing, with the pace of growth accelerating each year.*"

Use Centriq to stand out from your competitors.

*Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University