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We are on a mission to radically simplify your life as a homeowner.

Martha H. - Philadelphia, PA

"Why is changing a lightbulb such a pain in the posterior? You never know which one you need at the time you can actually act on it. Such a silly thing, yet such a hassle. Not anymore!"

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James Sheppard, co-founder of Centriq
- Mill Valley, CA

"Being burglarized is brutal. You never think it'll happen to you. It’s not enough to be violated in such a way but then you fight with the insurance company to get made whole. I took it as a sign that it happened while we were building Centriq."

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Krista E. - Washington, DC

"The last time I changed that filter, do you think I made a note of the brand and size so I wouldn't waste a trip? Of course not. But this time, I just made a photo note in Centriq."

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Olivia T. - San Francisco, CA

"We were at the Crate & Barrel outlet and fell in love with a sectional sofa. Because we had our floorplan in Centriq, we confirmed that it would fit and bought it on the spot. Highly doubt it would've been there the next day."

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Ross & Stacy P. - Larkspur, CA

"We're so grateful that our agent gave us Centriq when we moved in. It's made the transition to a new home so much easier!"

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Jessica F. - Boulder, CO

"Too many times, I've paid hundreds of dollars to have someone come fix something in minutes. I won't waste money like that again. Now, I'm using Centriq."

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Joel P. - Healdsburg, CA

"During the remodel, we used Centriq to capture photo notes showing us what was behind the walls. A few pics before the drywall goes up will save us thousands come repair time."

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Smart Phone to Smarter Homeowner

All with just the camera on your phone.

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  • Service Providers

  • Notes

  • Home Inventory

Expert Knowledge

  • Manuals

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  • Videos

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Your home in your hands

For every stage of homeownership.

Centriq: Buying


Know your home from Day 1

"Knowledge transfer" used to mean finding a stack of manuals in the kitchen drawer. Most of what the previous owners knew walked out the door with them… only to be learned all over again by you. Not anymore. Get Centriq and jump start getting the most out of your home.

Centriq: Living


Get your weekends back

No more wondering or wasting time - Centriq tells you what maintenance you need to do, shows you how to do it, and lets you make video notes to remember for next time; like how to reprogram your sprinkler controller.

Centriq: Selling


Maximize your home’s value

Give your buyer more than just a drawer of random manuals. Reduce buyer anxiety by giving them a head start. Capture what you know about your home - video notes, photos, paint colors, maintenance receipts and even service providers. Because confident buyers are willing to spend more.